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Join St. Vincent on the first and third Monday each month for our FREE online meeting for parents, service providers, and caregivers to share and discuss the best ways to support kids and families in crisis.

These meetings are facilitated by St. Vincent Program Coordinator Lawson (Cal) Calhoun, M.A., and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Bernice Thompson.

October 5: Helping Children Cope

This discussion will focus on helping children handle difficult situations, talk about their challenges and concerns, and address negative and potentially dangerous behavior and reactions including:

  1. Physical symptoms, (headaches, rashes, etc.)
  2. Sleep/appetite disturbance
  3. Agitation or decrease in energy, apathy
  4. Ignoring health promotion behaviors
  5. Isolating from peers and loved ones
  6. Concerns about stigma and injustices
  7. Avoiding/cutting school

We will discuss How To Help in our sessions.

If you have a question or would like to suggest a topic for discussion, please contact

Meetings run from 7pm to 8pm

(you may join at any time during the meeting)


Education and Support Through Open Communication

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