Dr. Carla Monroe-Posey, Executive Director of St. Vincent Home for Children, announces her planned retirement

Dr. Carla Monroe-Posey

Dr. Carla Monroe-Posey, Executive Director of St. Vincent Home for Children, announces her planned retirement

St. Vincent Home for Children has announced the planned retirement of its executive director, Dr. Carla Monroe-Posey. She will continue in her role through early 2020 to ensure a smooth transition for her successor.

“Carla came to St. Vincent when we needed her skills and talents most. We celebrate her accomplishments and wish her the best in retirement,” says board president Tiffany Charles.

As executive director, Dr. Monroe-Posey led the agency through the bi-annual re-accreditation process from the Council on Accreditation, helped improve financial stability and confidence in the agency among community partners, and enhanced the suite of services offered to at-risk youth. Outside of St. Vincent, Dr. Monroe-Posey serves as the Chair of the Children’s Services Coalition, working with other nonprofit leaders to promote the delivery of high-quality social and behavioral healthcare services for Missouri’s children and their families through advocacy, collaboration, and communication.

“Carla’s contributions to St. Vincent are tremendous so we are grateful for ample time to identify the right successor and the opportunity for them to work together to ensure a smooth transition,” says Charles. The board has started the search for a new leader who will continue St. Vincent’s legacy of serving at-risk youth, identifying innovative and effective service programs, and expanding our reach throughout the community.

St. Vincent Home for Children is a nonprofit located in St. Louis, Missouri which helps youth facing significant life challenges through love, security, and therapeutic supports that enable them to improve their lives, their families, and the community.

Founded in 1850, St., Vincent provides high-quality, professional treatment and residential services designed to meet the changing needs of hundreds of struggling children and families, at no charge, each year. St. Vincent is a safe and caring community where youth receive positive life-changing opportunities that build character, self-respect, and life skills to reach their highest potential. For more information about the programs and services of St. Vincent Home for Children, call 314-261-6011.

This holiday season, please share the gift of St. Vincent

This holiday season, please share the gift of St. Vincent

This holiday season, please share the gift of St. Vincent

Jonathan was just 15 when his family immigrated from the Congo region of Africa. Fluent in his native French, he spoke very little English. While in high school, Jonathan began to rebel at home, wanting to do all the things his American classmates did; things he never got to do in his home country. Unfortunately, Jonathan and his father clashed frequently, and he was kicked out of his home.

Suddenly Jonathan was homeless, trying to learn a new language and fit into a country he barely knew. He needed help. Referred by a school counselor, Jonathan remembers crying the first time he entered St. Vincent; he felt completely lost, alone, and abandoned. Jonathan knew St. Vincent would give him a place to sleep and food to eat, but he didn’t expect to be truly cared for or to have a real home.

“St. Vincent surrounded me with people who really cared about me; I was cared for and loved.”

A year-and-a-half later Jonathan cried again. Not because he didn’t want to live with family members but because St. Vincent had truly become his home. Today, Jonathan is an IT professional with a burning passion to share the gift he was given at St. Vincent with youth like himself.

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